Development strategy


As part of our development strategy for the game Battlecorp, we have devised a plan to engage players and secure the necessary funding to realize our vision. This plan consists of several key steps, each contributing to our ultimate goal of completing the game's development.

Deployment of the Demo:

Our first initiative involves providing players with a demo version of Battlecorp. This demo will offer a glimpse into the game's main features, allowing players to familiarize themselves with the universe and gameplay of the wargame.

Pre-sale on Steam:

In parallel, we plan to launch a pre-sale on the Steam platform, offering players the opportunity to purchase the game at a discounted price of €15. This pre-sale will not only generate early revenue but also generate interest and gather an engaged fan base.

Kickstarter Funding Campaign:

Once the game's development has progressed, our next step will be to launch a funding campaign on the Kickstarter platform. This campaign aims to bolster our initial funding and mobilize a community of enthusiastic supporters. The funds raised through this campaign will be crucial in supporting the ongoing development of Battlecorp and bringing us closer to our ultimate goal.


By combining the deployment of the demo, pre-sale on Steam, and the Kickstarter funding campaign, we are confident in our ability to attract player attention, strengthen our funding, and develop an engaged community around Battlecorp. These steps represent key elements of our overall strategy to ensure the long-term success and viability of our game.

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