Management Mode

Manage your cards to grow your corporation


In Battlecorp, you play as a Corporation that sets out to conquer planets in order to establish its financial domination in the galaxy. Your Corporation dashboard allows you to monitor and perform all the actions you will need to achieve your goals. Managing your Corporation is done at a macroscopic level by influencing stock market prices, ruling planets, and managing infrastructure by upgrading or merging them.

Good to know: The credits and stocks of your Corporation are independent from those used in Wargame.

Your Corporation is persistent, and you will manage it as long as you play Battlecorp. It will evolve when you acquire new assets in battles to support the development of your Corporation.

Stock Value

The stock value of your Corporation is calculated in real-time based on the value of your assets (stocks and cards) and influenced by your successes or defeats in Wargame.


All players will be ranked depending on multiple criteria including

Assets of the Corporations

Your Corporation possesses:

  • Infrastructures and Planets as cards, which produce resources and credits to use to develop your Corporation,

  • Characters as cards to play in planetary-scale battles and give you specific advantages in different aspects of the game,

  • Credits as in-game liquidity, which will allow you to purchase resources and troops,

  • Resources and troops as in-game liquidity that you will be able to use to strengthen yourself during planet-scale battles and to upgrade planets.

Infrastructures (cards)

Infrastructure produce credits or resources every 48 hours (Corporation Cycle) added to the stocks of your Corporation. There are 3 categories of infrastructures:

  • Resource infrastructures produce resource types or processed products according to their characteristics. Resource infrastructures can only produce a single type of resources or processed products,

  • Financial infrastructure generates credits for the Corporation,

  • Military infrastructures consume resources to produce troops depending on the number and type of unit produced. These resources are directly removed from the Corporation's stocks at each Corporation Cycle. If the stocks are insufficient, the infrastructure goes to shutdown and will no longer produce until you relaunch it

Infrastructures Cycles

Good to know: Infrastructures produce troops and resources from other resources, the amount of which will depend on the number and type of production. These resources will be directly removed from the Corporation's stock at each production cycle (the time of the next production of the infrastructure is given in the assets list). If the stock does not allow feeding the infrastructure, it will go "off" and will no longer produce. It is possible to voluntarily put an infrastructure "off". This is done in-game in the infrastructure description.

Currently active infrastructure produces units, credits, or resources. They are characterized by a type of production (iron, uranium, credits, etc.), a yield (production interval), and a production date.

The infrastructure only produces one type of product at a time in an amount equal to the yield, and that every 48 hours. The delivery time is the time at which the product is added to the Corporation's stocks or to the infrastructure's garrison.

All infrastructure producing resources have their production automatically added to the Corporation's stocks (see Introduction of BattleCorp's cards section for more details).

Planets (cards)

Planets are large celestial bodies of great size and value. They can be purchased on the stock market or won during planetary battles (Wargame). Their characteristics, more or less important, determine their value and the quality of the aid they can provide to the corporation.

Planets have caracteristics and can produce with three types of assets:


Its population determines the potential for taxation on the planet, the more populated the planet the more important the taxation will be. This value can then be increased by investments.

Natural Resources

Its natural resources can be extracted and the value in each resource determines the amount that can be extracted each cycle. The extraction index represents the quality of the infrastructure and the quality of the extraction teams. This value can then be increased by investments.

Production Capacity

The production capacity represents the quality of the infrastructure for producing units and processed products (energy and components). This production capacity can then be applied to the production of troops or processed products.

Good to know: The delivery date is the time when taxes are collected, resources are extracted, and troops are produced. These actions are performed every 48 hours on the specified date. The quotation of the planet is the stock market value calculated based on its characteristics and indexed to the evolution of basic resource prices. The garrison is made up of a set of troops recovered at the end of the game, and units produced subsequently by the planet will be added to the garrison. Maintaining units in the garrison on a possessed planet does not require any maintenance cost.


Different kinds of planets:

  • Aride planets: some naturel resources can be extrated in medium quantity,

  • Aquatic planets: some naturel resources can be extrated in low quantity,

  • Freezen planets: some naturel resources can be extrated in enormous quantity,

  • Urbanised planet: the population is very developed. The best for taxation,

  • Production planets: the tools of productions and industries are very developed. The best for production.

The headquarters regularly reports credits based on the value of the consortium. Expected profits: this is the number of credits that the headquarters will report in the next round (see Introduction of BattleCorp's cards section for more details).

Time Management

See Game Loop section for more details.

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