In Game Markets

Different sort of market PvP

The Stock Market

The stock market is the financial interface with the Galactic Stock Exchange that allows players to buy, sell, in the game. It is different that the "Store" where you can bougth E-coins for bought specific Cards.

Buying/Selling Resources

The buying and selling of resources is done through the corporation's stock. The price varies based on supply and demand, and as more of a resource is bought, its price increases. Random events can also affect prices, causing mini stock market crashes.
Energy is not exchangeable on the Market.

Buying/Selling Troops

The buying and selling of troops is done through the garrisons on infrastructure or planets. When buying troops, a player must select an infrastructure to house them. The same is true for selling troops. The price for buying and selling troops is indexed to the value of the resources needed for their production.

Buying/Selling Cards

The stock market also allows players to buy infrastructure, whose prices are indexed to the rarity of the cards (see Cards Pricing section for more details) . The infrastructure is sold at auction in the form of cards and remains available for 48 hours before being removed and replaced by a new one.
Once bought, the infrastructure becomes part of the player's corporation's assets. Currently, there are two options for selling an infrastructure: your fixed price sale to the Galactic Stock Exchange (PvP Market) in Battlecorp.
Good to know: Galactic Stock Exchange will never buy-back a card.
Cards were avalaible ingame to the Battlecorp's Store (in progress).