Battlecorp Origins

Where does this come from?

Return to the Future

Battlecorp is a concept game that was released in the early 2000s on web browsers under the name of Battlecorp Origin. Its main innovation for the time was the management of online multiplayer in a persistent universe that brought together a strong wargamers community in a deep and real time strategy confrontations between players.
The emergence of web technologies like Flash, the beginning of the democratization of internet access and the increasing number of people equipped with personal computers allowed a lucky community of players to enjoy Battlecorp Origin for almost 10 years. Over time, the game aged, improvements and diversity in the game decreased and active players count dropped.
The Battlecorp Origin community was centered around a forum where RP worlds and characters from various corporations gathered to enhance their gaming experience. New players were encouraged to join the forum and game simultaneously to gain a better understanding of the futuristic world and contribute to a growing community.
Good to know: At its peak, Battlecorp Origin brought together a community of more than 30,000 players and around 1,000 simultaneous users.
15 years after the initial launch, a few die-hard players are still playing. Since a few months, the technological obsolescence of Flash now makes the game almost inaccessible.


Today our Team mostly composed of former players decided, both out of love and nostalgia, to pick up the torch in 2018. We have assembled the ideal team to complete the project, rebuild and relaunch Battlecorp.
When we contacted the remaining Community, we were pleasantly surprised by the very positive feedbacks and even realized that the expectations were identical to those of 20 years ago!
That is why with the support of former players and their experience with Battlecorp Origin, we are very proud to present this new project BATTLECORP.