Wargame Mode

The strategic and diplomatic aspect of the game

Wargames for your Corporation

Wargame matches are ephemeral and only last for the duration of the confrontation with other Corporation leaders or missions to completed. If you win a game your Corporation acquires the rewards, that you will be able to manage to increase your stock value.

Entry into War

For entry into war, the players will have several War game choices:

  • The "Classic" Wargame with entry fees that vary depending on the player's level,

  • The "Players" Wargame with no entry fee and customizable settings for phase duration and accepted players, for playing with friends,

  • The "Adventure" Wargame with special entry conditions and objectives.

The Classic Wargame

Your starting position is your command center, if you lose it, you will be immediately eliminated from the game regardless of your situation.

To win a game in Classic mode and Players mode, you have 3 options:

  • Military victory, which represents control of the planet by occupying strategic positions with your troops. These strategic positions are represented by territories marked with X on the map. You must occupy these territories for at least 24 phases (2 complete game cycles at least).

  • Victory by influence is completely different, as it gives you control of the planet with the support of the local populations, who rise up against the other corporations present. To do this, you will need to accumulate a certain number of predetermined influence points. These influence points are earned by running factories on the territories you own. Each factory brings influence points to the territory on which it operates.

  • Victory by domination, which is triggered immediately when your corporation is the only one to maintain control of its command center.

To win a game in Advanture mode you need to respect the mission's objectives.

Credits, Food and Energy

Whether to protect yourself or try to take control of the planet by force, you will need troops, buildings and new territories. The credits you have will allow you to build buildings, manufacture units and many other things.

You will obtain credits by imposing your territories, exploiting gold mines, or even selling resources on the intergalactic market. Your food stocks are centralized after being harvested from all your territories.

Agricultural Zones produce food that will then be used to maintain your military (marines and commandos) as well as some buildings.

Energy is used to operate most buildings as well as mechanical military units. Energy is produced from thermal and nuclear power plants.

Managing a Territory

A territory houses a population composed of workers assigned by the corporation to the war effort, and of taxpayers, who are not assigned, and who pay taxes to you. When a part of the population is assigned to a factory, they go from being taxpayers to workers. The more workers you assign, the more your factories will produce, and the fewer taxpayers there will be, so you will receive less taxes.

Some territories have natural resources (steel, titanium, gold, aluminum, uranium) that can be extracted. These resources will then be used for the production of units, the construction of new buildings, and even the production of processed products such as energy or electronic components.

To extract these resources, you will need to assign workers to them. Depending on the number, you will harvest more or less raw materials. Once extracted, the resources are added to the stocks of the territory where they will wait to be used or moved to other territories.


Each territory can accommodate a limited and fixed number of infrastructures, between 2 and 6. To build an infrastructure, you must select a free location and then choose the building to be built. This requires that the necessary resources for its construction be present in the territory's stocks.

Civil buildings allow for the generation of energy or the production of goods:

  • The thermal power plant produces energy, the amount of which depends on the number of workers assigned,

  • The nuclear power plant produces energy with very little population, but consumes small amounts of uranium,

  • The electronic components factory produces electronic components from steel,

  • The luxury goods factory produces luxury goods, which increases the corporation's influence over the territory.

Military buildings allow for the production of troops under your corporation's orders:

  • The military academy trains Marines and Commandos,

  • The mecha factory produces tanks, cyborgs, and artillery,

  • The spaceport produces fighters and bombers, and also serves as a base for them to bomb or protect the territory from air attacks.

For each active building, you must choose the product or troop to be manufactured, and then assign a certain number of workers to it. For some buildings, the number of workers cannot be changed (nuclear power plants), but for the rest, they have a capacity limit between 1000 and 2000 workers.

The number of workers active in the factory determines the quantity of product produced. Three other structures can be built on territories:

  • Bunkers and anti-aircraft batteries respectively provide ground and air defense of the territory. They can be built in very large numbers and do not occupy workers or building locations,

  • Agricultural areas produce food. These structures can be built in large numbers and do not require free space on the territory.

The Troops

A territory is defended by a garrison of troops which you can see the details of by clicking on the Army icon. By default, an army in garrison will defend your territory. They are produce in military buildings, See previously.

Good to know: All productions in wargame stay there ! Nothing in your corporation stocks.

Time Management Classic Mode

See Game Loop part for more details.

Time Management Players Mode

In games with friends, you can choose your map and set the duration of a phase. The shorter the duration of a phase, the faster the game will progress.

Time Management Adventure Mode

In the adventure mode you can go to the next phase after 2 hours OR when you decide to push the bouton "Next"

Declaring War

To do this, you must select the territory to attack. You then have several types of attack:

  • Shelling allows you to fire on an enemy territory if you have artillery, from the safety of behind your defenses. You select the target of your shots and the number of artillery to send,

  • Bombing involves using your aviation (fighters and bombers) for airstrikes on the enemy territory. As with shelling, you must choose the target and the number of units to send. However, bombing is a risky endeavor as your aviation will be subject to anti-air defenses as well as enemy fighters positioned on the territory or in air defense,

  • Invasion is an attempt to take control of the territory by facing the enemy forces with ground attak.


The latest is represented by an ELO ranking based on victories and defeats taking into account the ELO ranking of your adversaries.

All players will be ranked depending on multiple criteria including.

After the Victory !

If your strategic talents allow you to win, the corporation will take possession of the entire planet and you will be able to administer it. This will bring many advantages for your future battles, and will solidify your corporation's position in the conquest of the known universe.

Other assets comes soon...

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