Platform & Fees

We have a very long term vision when looking at what the studio would need financially, to build Battlecorp to the level of game the community desires. Also, we set these rates to what we feel would be an appropriate entry point for the treasury, once it initiates. Below you will find the fees for the Battlecorp platform Marketplace.
To begin with, we will be using the platform "Opensea" ( to carry out our NFT sales.

What are OpenSea’s Fees?

There are a couple of fees you may pay when you buy NFTs on Opensea.

OpenSea Fees

Typically, OpenSea receives a 2.5% fee on all secondary sales.

Creator Earnings

Bad Marines Studio has decided to sold Battlecorp's NFTS with a creator earnings up to 7.5% on all secondary sales.


When you buy an item on Opensea, following the blockchain used (Ethereum, Polygon, etc) you’ll also need to pay gas. You can learn more in Opensea's help guide, for more details see​
Battlecorp NFTS are minted on Polygon blockchain with lower price of gas than ETH for exemple.
Good to know: Players will can bought NFT with MACTIC on the Marketplace.