How to win NFTs in-game


In Battlecorp, a reward system based on players' activity will be implemented. For each NFT sale made, 5% of the amount will be dedicated to creating new NFTs that we will redistribute through the NFT Rewards. The value table used is the one explained in the section NFT Pricing.
Good to know: At the moment only "Infrastructure NFTs" will be distributed this way!

NFTs Rewards

For the different types of game modes, there are NFTs rewards. Without a reward, there would be no incentive for users to play the game. Rewards are given to players for every game mode played, which can come in many different forms, including Resources and NFTs.
Here are the 3 main ways players can win NFTs rewards :
  • Daily task reward (Défis): Goes to users who complete daily tasks,
  • Events reward: Many events will be arrive and for all of them a lot of rewards will be distribued against actions in the game,
  • Ranking: Best player of top ranking.

Wargame Rewards

A specific type of NFTs will be yours when you win a ranked wargame. You'll be granted a planet that is the most powerfull item that will produce lots of troops & ressources.
We intend to design several types of planets, based on the wargame map theme, they will be specialized in certain types of production.